Your On-Site ISO Expert

We take the headache out of ISO 9000/9001 quality management system and OHSAS 18000/18001 occupational health and safety (OH&S) registration at the same time saving you time and money.
We eliminate the stress by being your own on-site expert that will walk you through the entire process - from training to system design to implementation to registration!

What We Bring To The Table


Located in Sumter, South Carolina, we bring knowledge of "lessons learned" from conducting over 185 ISO registration audits. In addition, we conduct OHSAS 18001 registration audits. Our experience is rounded out by bringing the expertise that comes from conduction ISO 14001 internal auditor training courses.


We bring speed to your registration process by our in-depth knowledge of the standards, requirements, and interpretation of the documents. Our practical examples and adaptable policies, procedures, work instructions, and forms help you save time in the development process with system design being accomplished in as short as 4 months! 


Our knowledge of lean policies helps us guide you through the design process to create a very robust and effective system that is simple and easy to understand and implement.


Integrating your environmental system, health and safety system and your quality system can be a challenge. But not with Eads Enterprises, we'll show you the best way to integrate your systems to come up with a custom plan to fit your company's requirements.